Dubbed the “King of Quants” by Forbes magazine, Louis Navellier has been analyzing the stock market using computer-based systems since the 1970s.

He got his start in college after writing an algorithm that – over a period of time – went on to beat the S&P 500 by a factor of nearly 3-to-1…

And he hasn’t looked back since.

Using quant-based systems he personally derived, Louis is famous for finding many of today’s household-name companies when they were trading for peanuts…

Like Home Depot when it was trading for 73 cents per share… Microsoft at 38 cents… Nike at 33 cents… and Intel when it was just above $3.

As you can imagine, early calls like these gave Louis’ followers a chance for extraordinary gains.

What’s more, over a 15-year period his investment fund turned every dollar into $41—a 4,000% return that bested even Warren Buffett. 

Even though he’s considered by many as one of the greatest investment minds of our time, Louis shuns the spotlight…

Flying under Wall Street’s radar finding 500% winners again and again with incredible precision. 

Despite managing to stay out of the mainstream, the financial media has picked up on Louis’ success over the years…

He’s been called “one of the most important money managers of our time.”

CNBC called him “The Earnings Whisperer.”

The New York Times said he was “An icon among growth investors.”

And MarketWatch called Louis “the adviser who recommended Google before anyone else.”

Today, Louis is a multimillionaire with a home on the South Florida coast, a second home in Reno and a fleet of luxury vehicles.

With the kind of success he’s had, most analysts would hang up their hats and call it a career…

But not Louis.

In many ways, he’s “just getting started…”

Year after year, Louis has continued to “push the envelope” developing newer and more powerful trading technologies to help him find many of the highest-growth stocks on the market.